Big Apartment Complex

This is an apartment complex for a development site in downtown Tinley Park, IL. The project consists of 3 courtyard buildings with retail at the ground level near their commuter rail station. The unit volumes move in an out to provide a vibrated plan shape that allows for a few differing sizes of plans and create a much less monolithic chunk on the earth. In Progress.

Summer Vault

Summer Vault is a lakefront kiosk that consists of basic geometric shapes combined to create a freestanding hangout within the park. Its for Chicago and will be in Harold Washington Park in the spring of 2016. Before its there, though, it will be exhibited at the Chicago Architecture Biennial. (w/ Independent Architecture)

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Aarhus School

This is the concept for the new Aarhus School of Architecture. Two horseshoe plan buildings holding lived towers provides the linear studio space which contains shares resources of libraries, seminars and offices, as well as giving boundary to social courtyards and the school canteen. There are no windows on the exterior of the project, but only windows on the interior.

House No. 3

Single family home in Chicago for a family of 6. In-Construction.

1822-24 West 35th Street

Full interior and exterior renovation of a 4-unit apartment building in McKinley Park from 1894. In-Construction.

Apartment No. 2

This project is the complete redesign of the top flat of a two-flat in one of Chicago's historic summer retreats for the rich during the 19th century, Edgewater. The layout and finishes reflect an attitude of openness, strange attractions, and colorfulness. The pairing of clumsy details with luxurious materials, or sometimes pretty cheap ones with perfect detailing express an egalitarian and communal notion of life. The lighting is blunt, geometric and loose throughout the kitchen, dinning and bathrooms and uses rather normal fixtures.

Foam Thing

Geofoam blocks are often stuffed inside the earth to create artificial landscape mounds and parklands without the added weight that comes with soil. We made a pile of foam into hills and towers inside without the dirt for the event pavilion of the 2015 Biennial of the Americas in Denver, Colorado. (w/ Independent Architecture)

Flat Round Tables

The idea here was to make a set of tables with a really very nice material (we used translucent mint corian) in the dumbest cheap way we could. So we just made some flat pack round tables. One is a little smaller and taller than the other lower wider one.

Apartment No. 1

A renovation combining two apartments in Hyde Park's tallest residential tower. The building names its unit types after famous Chicago architects. We combined an 'Adler' and a 'Mies van der Rohe' apartment together. We call this new type - the Jahn.


Two Barns

Two barns that existed in the world for only 6 hours of time. They were raised for the Music for Animals festival as part of the events of the 2013 Biennial of the Americas in Denver, Colorado. The evening featured a performance by Nick Cave, and opera for dogs, and a video work by Liliana Porter. (w/ Independent Architecture)

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Plot 17

English Lounge

The english department at UIC needed a space to read and hang out and talk and be quiet in. So we made kind of a big table.

Two Gates

Small installation of two processional gateways to the performing arts area of the Wicker Park street festival for 2013.

Bamiyan Cultural Center

This is a proposal for a cultural center and community workshop and theater in Afghanistan. The interior plan has no corners, allowing for privacy without walls and openess without doors.

The Barack Obama Presidential Library and Museum and Foundation and Academic Institute

Thoughts on a library for President Obama.

The Guardian

City County Building Plaza

A proposal for a civic plaza in Indianapolis. (w/ Independent Architecture)

Liget House of Music

A proposal for a center of Hungarian music.

Port of Kinmen Passenger Ferry Terminal

A port center and passenger terminal for a small island of Taiwan.

Belgrod Centre Plan

Redevelopment of the historic center of Belgrod, Russia to provide a number of short term business lease apartments and ground level retail and commercial space. We made a mess.

Beer Sheba Daycare

A collection of smaller care buildings composing an adult daycare facility.

Helsinki Central Library

A library for Helsinki with stripes of reflective glass between structural concrete. The project has a gummy shape.

Jeongok Pre-history Museum

A very wiggly proposal for a museum of regional pre-history in Korea. This project won 2nd prize in the design competition.

AguaSal Shop

A sensory deprivation tank center in Arlington Heights, Illinois that has since closed.

SBR Shop

A triathlon store and swim tank and training center and community center and magazine offices and bike shop.

Buson Opera

An Opera house in Buson.